Should you Invest in a holiday house on the Peninsula?

As the summer holidays fast approach and families look to head to their holiday houses, plenty of people will use the time to refresh and rejuvenate. But can holiday houses be more than just a place to enjoy, can they become a great investment property for you?

The Mornington Peninsula is a place with stunning beaches and pristine views, so we are lucky to live in this part of Victoria. For those in Melbourne, it’s a prime place to search for a holiday home that can not only be a getaway for you and your family, but a great investment too.

The Purpose of your Holiday Home

You have to remember that purchasing a holiday home as an investment property means that you will have to make the most of the peak holiday periods, sacrificing your own time for renters to bring in the most money for you. Making sure your expectations are lowered when buying a holiday house you want to have as an investment property, as you might not be able to use it as frequently as you like.


Choosing and researching the right area to buy your investment property can be a huge factor in whether it’s a successful option or not. Picking popular areas even in off peak times can become extremely profitable for you if chosen wisely. The Mornington Peninsula is a fantastic spot to look and research a property, as there are many weekend travellers looking for accomodation coming down from Melbourne. It’s an area to explore and think about.

The Seasons

The appeal in summer for holiday home rentals is enormous and you may be able to cash in during this time, but during the winter time you might find your struggling to fill the home and it may lay dormant for the better part of the colder season. You have to factor in that the profit you make across a summer may have to last you across the winter also, which is something that can catch out some buyers.

Later down the road

Deciding to purchase a holiday home as an investment property means that you now have a secured place for your retirement, or for your kids to trial living out of home. This can help secure the future of your family and give you some peace in knowing what your property future holds.

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